Meditation and Positive Psychology-Based Trainings to Inspire and Uplift

The Mindful Workplace

Meditation and Positive Psychology-Based Trainings to Inspire and Uplift

The Mindful Workplace

Maggie holds a Master’s in Psychology from Columbia University, the only Ivy League University to integrate a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to Clinical Psychology. She has completed a 3-year certificate in Systemic and Organizational Constellations and has over 500 hours of intensive training in advanced meditation and healing practices. She is a certified Reiki Master and Medical Reiki Master and has spent over 10 years sharing these practices with individuals and corporations around the world. 


Less stress is only the beginning. 

By teaching employees to regulate their stress response and gain mastery over their nervous system, you will see countless benefits, including less burnout, greater productivity, and happier, healthier employees.

But we don’t stop there. 

Over the course of 6 sessions, this unique, one of a kind training guides employees step-by-step through a series of practices designed to shift limiting beliefs, enhance creativity and activate their greatest potential. 

Drawing on the fields of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Personal Development, this program integrates practices such as strategic visualization, emotional regulation, and mental reprogramming in an approach that is both accessible and transformative. 

“Our firm has brought Maggie in for multiple trainings and all have been wonderfully received! Her work is supportive, accessible, and effective. She is not only a wealth of knowledge but also a delight to work with.”

-Ed Dowd, founder of Dowd Bennett, LLP

Customized just for you

Signature 6-month program includes:
  • Monthly live trainings, in-person or over Zoom
  • 6 custom meditation tracks for practicing tools and skills learned in the training
  • Weekly resources to support employees in applying course material to daily work and life

For deeper engagement with the material, optional add-ons include:
  • Small group integration sessions 
  • One-on-one deep dives 
  • Ongoing group meditation sessions 

The Mindful Workplace can also be delivered as a 6-week intensive, tailored to unique timelines, or customized around specific focus areas to best meet the needs, goals, and structures of your company. 
  • Mindful awareness lowers stress. 
  • Lower stress opens the higher faculties (creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking). 
  • Access to the higher faculties enables us to consciously create new neural programming.
  • As we wire in new neural programming, we plant the seeds for collaborative teamwork, satisfying careers, and greater success both in and out of the workplace. 

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It all starts with awareness...

Less stress. More success. That's the power of a present mind.