{Reiki + Family Constellations}

Spiritual Healing Sessions

{Reiki + Family Constellations}

Spiritual Healing

"Maggie heals by empowering her clients to see and know themselves completely. Maggie has skillfully guided me with such care to integrate all parts of myself, finding true alignment, and transforming trauma from aspects of pain into aspects of greater understanding, acceptance, and growth. To have the blessing of working with Maggie, is to be uplifted and bettered by her deeply intuitive healing and her ever compassionate heart.”
- Caitlin C


After each session, you will receive a personalized plan of care, including takeaways from your session and practices for continued growth, integration, and self-care.

Personalized Support 

After the healing, I share any insights around what was released during the session, including stuck emotions, family dynamics, or areas of contracted energy.

Insight Sharing

During this main portion of the session, you simply lie down, relax, and receive while I connect intuitively to call forward your healing and regeneration.

Spiritual Healing

Each session begins with a short conversation to get clear on your intentions for healing and any areas of focus.

Intention Setting


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Sessions last approximately 1 hour and are available in person in Los Angeles or from a distance anywhere in the world.  


This hands-on treatment blends the calm, balancing energy of Reiki with the deeper, more transformative power of Spiritual healing to bring profound integration and regeneration through all levels of the body: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

In each session, we peel back the layers of pain and disconnection that have been pulling you out of alignment with yourself--processing old wounds and stored trauma so that it may find integration and release. As we unwind the ties of these stuck energies, healing and relief move through all levels of the body.

This inner work is carried out on the deeper levels of the body while the client lies fully clothed on a massage table or from the comfort of their home for distance sessions. Nothing is required on your end but a willingness to receive and an openness to what comes.


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To learn more about how to best support your healing journey, contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery call.


For those seeking of a period of focused care, this approach offers a container of support to bring healing to specific issues such as grief, recovery before/after a surgery, healing from minor illness, or navigating times of transition. This flexible approach can also be used to provide periodic tune-ups or the occasional energy reset to align the system and hold you in connection to your deeper self.   

• 5-session package
• Can be used anytime
• $225/session

Flexible Support 

For those looking to take a major step forward on their healing journey. Weekly sessions release stress, anxiety, and stored trauma to call in deep reorganization and regeneration. This partnership is ideal for those looking to release anxiety or emotional distress, heal from chronic illness, support your fertility journey, or unwind challenging family dynamics. By holding you in continuous connection to your greater self, this work brings with it the deep opening to Spirit that places you on the path to your deepest healing and greatest fulfillment. 

• Weekly sessions
• 10+ week commitment
• Includes custom content and personalized meditations as needed
• $195/session

Ongoing Support 

For those going through serious illness or otherwise facing great urgency, this is an offering of deep and steady support with bi-weekly sessions designed to hold you through the ups and downs of your healing journey and carry you toward your greatest recovery and renewal. Through the continuous opening to Spirit, we invite in your greatest healing while offering you the structure and support to stabilize within this new way of being.

• Bi-weekly sessions
• 10+ week commitment
• Includes custom content and personalized meditations as needed
• $175/session

Intensive Support

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